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At European Ingredients Supply & Services we service customers (read partners) by offering high quality ingredients. Specialized in high quality soybean derivatives such as full-fat soy flours, grits, textured and defatted soy proteins and organic emulsifiers.

With the steeply increasing demand for healthy vegetarian meat alternatives, European origin Non-GMO soy products such as Textured Soy Protein are in great demand and valued for offering high-quality sustainable vegetable protein.  Manufactured in Europe, you can count on the highest quality and certified Non-GMO origination.

Our Textured Soy Protein contains 50% protein and is available in different sizes and shapes.  Ranging from granules to flakes to chunks.  When re-hydrated, they resemble the texture of cooked ground beef.  Our Textured Soy Proteins absorp moisture, provide better texture and flavour.  Moreover, these proteins are perfectly suitable in vegan and vegetarian dishes!

Our Textured Soy Proteins are manufactured from European soybeans in a European production facility with a quality certification programme that is recognised by GFSI.

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TECHKON GmbH is a leading manufacturer of color measuring technology for the Printing Industry since 35 years. The company develops, manufactures, markets and supports innovative color solutions through measurement systems, software and services. The long-term experience in measuring technology and color communication helps users get always the right color, increase quality and reduce costs. TECHKON provides its solutions for all areas of the printing industry.

The product range includes entry level Densitometers, Spectrophotometers in handheld and scanning versions, Video Analyzing Systems for plate measuring and Inline Spectrophotometers with Inspection capabilities. On the software side several QA solutions are available from simple free of charge tools up to cloud based analyzing and reporting solutions for global enterprises. Finally latest Ink Formulation software completes the offer of product range.

The latest generation of TECHKON’s handheld spectrophotometer raised the bar for color measurement devices and won the prestigious 2018 InterTech Technology Award. This annual award honors truly innovative technologies increasing the performance of the graphic communications industry.

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