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For Clevertech group the uniqueness is the key

The Fully integrated approach is a key solution and important multinational company’s investment focusing on this approach.

Recently the Clevertech Group had the opportunity to work on and achieve important projects for American and European markets.

Big investments for different sectors have been done such as Home Care & Chemical, Personal Care, or Wine & Spirits along with Food e Pet Food areas.

In particular the Clevertech team worked on the project of the new Supply Chain model providing to the customer a lot of advantages in terms of management and costs reduction.

The investment included automatic, flexible, faster and efficient format changeover improving in this way the production and lines performance with reduced footprint of the product.

All the production lines have been designed to be e-commerce oriented in order to have all the customer expectations to be met, producing also single layer pallets and half or quarter pallets as well with different types of so called “shelf ready product”. The most fundamental topic is also the traceability of the data and ERP integration (UPACK and SAP) which has been engineered and integrated perfectly as well.

Other solutions designed for markets such as Food – Pet Food – Wine & Spirits and Dairy provided to the customer a great TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) reduction and complete EOL system with high speed productions. Systems with pneumatic free and full drive controls have a less compressed air consumption with 80% of saving guaranteed. This type of the systems is appreciated also for a high level of customization, where is offered pallet conveyor with positive constant handling and complete data tracking.

For Clevertech group the uniqueness is the key, unique design approach for each function, combined with productive partnerships, allows us to offer you the best automation solution on the market.

This type of integration regards the software – mechanical – electrical – safety and engineering philosophy together with documentation and maintenance approach. Safety and efficiency are guaranteed by TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) approach with preventive and predictive maintenance.

Clevertech portfolio solutions are designed according to PACK ML philosophy, ensuring that all the machines integrated in our system have the same software design, same language and the operator panel view.

Currently, Clevertech group is able to supply completely integrated engineering solutions up-stream and down-stream, including front lines with case erectors, case packing, case sealers with depalletizing systems for carton reams, palletizing systems integrate with stretch wrapping machines, strapping and labelling machines for complete data tracking and down-stream equipment such as automatic trailer loading for trucks of complete and finished pallets with goods, the solutions available are for plants with and without warehouse with direct shipment.

Clevertech has a modular approach for automation systems in this way it is possible to design a system in every space available (also in the smallest one) and create any type of patterns.

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