Glass bottles from Barcelona

for everyone

Ramon Clemente is a Barcelona-based glassmaker established in 1931 which produces exclusive and standard containers and bottles, mainly for the fragrance and cosmetics industries. We produce more than 60 million exclusive bottles for small and large companies in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, UK, among many other places collaborating with market leaders like Puig, Zara, Sisley or L’Occitane

Our glass containers are tailor-made from start to finish, from the moulding to the painting and decorating of the bottle. Indeed, the company is renowned for its:

  • Personalised and exclusive bottles (85% of the bottles are produced for bespoke projects)
  • Flexible and fast production (8 weeks for new orders and 4 months to develop a new project)
  • Competitive prices

We work on over 50 new projects every year and, based on the customer’s ideas, we work closely with them to design the bottle together, develop the pilot mould and create the moulds before manufacturing and decorating the glass.

A single line of c19ontact dedicated to meeting one major challenge: to make our customer’s idea a reality in record time.