At Bright Plastics, exceeding expectations has long been our tradition. We are your single source for high precision plastic injection molding and contract manufacturing. Every product we make is backed by our unwavering commitment to quality and service.

We have a proven track record of solving complex design and engineering problems with long-term solutions to save time and money. Whether it is a new product or fixing a design or quality problem, we are innovative leaders in the plastic manufacturing industry.

“Bright Plastics provides enormous engineering support, design help, outstanding quality molds, packaging, quality measures and guaranteed replies. Their level of service is, by far, the best in any industry. As a physician, surgeon and entrepreneur, I have nothing but praises for Bright Plastics.”

Crane system moves mold into position for 1,220 Titan Molding Machine

Manufacturing with Advanced Technologies

Bright Plastics offers in-house solutions for hard-to-process engineering resins and precision plastic components. With our advanced technology, we can quickly create accurate and affordable injection molding, custom parts with our mold shop and on-site tool room and automation lab.

We know a successful part starts with a well-designed mold and that is why we Design for Manufacturability (DFM). This complex and precise process determines part manufacturability and lifecycle costs and takes into account the key components of mold design while adhering to a part’s unique specifications. Proper mold design and mold building will help reduce cost, increase quality and optimize performance. 80% of the cost for plastic injection molded parts is determined by design. All parts are manufactured to our highest quality control standards including material certifications, first and last shot inspection and Statistical Process Control.

We offer product expertise in:

Examples of packaging products we have manufactured:

    •    Product design and prototyping
    •    Plastic packaging solutions
    •    DFM (Design for Manufacturability) 
    •    An ISO 7 class cleanroom
    •    RJG scientific injection molding
    •    Insert molding
    •    Overmolding
    •    Automated systems
    •    Stack large parts molds
    •    Decorating
    •    Patent research and filing
    •    Assembly and distribution

• Packaging for telecom and fiber optics products

• Stackable crates for distribution of beverage products

• Plastic parts for the food processing/ packaging industry

• Garage and closet shelving for Lowes Home Improvement

• Packaging for the safe disposal of medical goods

Coca-Cola crates stacked and ready to ship

Fiber optic spool covers

Your Full-Service Partner from Design to Distribution (D2D)

We have an experienced team to solve complex design and engineering challenges for our clients with long-term solutions to save time and money. Whether it is new product or fixing a design or quality issues, we are innovative leaders in the plastic manufacturing industry. 

With our SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD software and 3D printing capabilities, we can successfully create and test the components you need that are designed for use, manufacturability and competitive advantage. 

At Bright Plastics, we can adapt to our customers’ needs by building both finished goods and work in process inventory for Kanban programs, customer portal systems, stocking to minimum/maximum demands, shipping direct to our customers and/or drop shipping to their end customers or to mid-point distribution centers. We also offer a full range of assembly services with a carefully-monitored process and ample storage for components.

“Unlike so many product design programs, which attempt to improve or satisfy only a few elements such as color or cost, we address all possible influences which always has a profound effect on success.” — Jerry Zinnbauer, Engineer and Designer for Bright Plastics

About Bright Plastics

We serve many customers from a variety of industries – all with diverse needs and expectations – and we find solutions. We’ve worked hard to earn the loyalty of our repeat customers, and we’re thankful for them.

We offer extra touches and value-added services:

• Flexibility – to adapt to customers’ schedule changes.

• Short lead times.

• Personal attention – We will always give the services and attention you have come to expect from us.

• Experienced, collaborative professionals – Engineering, design, quality, customer service, manufacturing, shipping, warehousing, accounting and management – our operation is high-energy and high-performance.

• Insight-full customer service – Our customer service department strives to learn your business, understand your needs, and apply both logic and intuition to help make sure you have what you need when you need it. Service remains strong and steady at Bright Plastics.

• Extensive inventory of finished goods.

• Supply chain analysis – We are happy to analyze your current sources and offer cost-saving and consolidation opportunities.

• D2D – Design to Distribution – An all-inclusive custom plastic injection molding company, we work

with our customers throughout the complete manufacturing process from product conception

through delivery.

• On-time delivery performance data.