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Breakthrough with Revolutionary Multi-Layer Technology from Husky

Since the early days of plastic adoption in the packaging industry, plastic has been recognized for its outstanding properties, allowing it to replace glass and aluminum in many food, beverage, home and personal care products. In addition to the functions of containing and dispensing a product and providing the necessary protection for its content for the duration of planned shelf life, a package can also deliver a powerful marketing message to the consumer.

Husky Injection Molding Systems’ revolutionary Multi-Layer Technology is able to offer the industry an advanced level of differentiation, sustainability and new revenue opportunities by enabling you to package your application in plastic and ensure a memorable consumer experience. We’ve combined the capability of our industry-leading PET preform and packaging manufacturing systems with revolutionary melt delivery technologies in order to inject precise amounts of barrier material exactly where it is required – offering you a package that still protects the freshness of your product, while providing all of the advantages of PET and other plastic materials.

Multi-Layer Technology can enable you to produce more imaginative packages that stand out on store shelves, giving you additional opportunities to differentiate your product beyond a catchy label. With a variety of closure options, colors, effects, gradients, shapes and sizes, the possibilities are endless. These attractive packages maintain or, in many cases, improve the performance consumers expect from traditional packaging, preserving freshness and taste for a longer period of time. Husky offers the ideal combination of product protection and package design, including innovative decorative capabilities.


We also understand that sustainability is a critical factor in today’s purchasing decisions. Producing plastic packages provides increased environmental benefits over traditional packaging (cans, cartons, glass), including reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and maintains recyclability. Because Multi-Layer Technology can precisely dose the barrier layer, we are able to achieve the required level of product protection while using less material than conventional barrier technologies. This, combined with the potential to use recycled PET or compostable, biodegradable or biobased resins in the mid-layer, results in a smaller carbon footprint and less strain on recycling streams. As an industry leader, Husky supports increased recyclability through technology innovation and by working with industry partners to develop improved materials and processes.

Husky’s revolutionary Multi-Layer Technology makes this all possible. As an integrated solution, it offers flexible material properties and the precision to produce packages with a wide range of barrier content. The ability to precisely dose barrier content and adjust the range within an application successfully ensures seasonal variations are considered with relation to package shelf life, providing an exceptional consumer experience.

At K 2019, taking place in Dusseldorf, Germany from October 16-23, Husky will be demonstrating this revolutionary Multi-Layer Technology for a variety of applications, including dairy, carbonated soft drinks, sensitive beverages, beer, coffee capsules, food, home, beauty and personal care. Visit our Booth A61, Hall 13, to discover how we can help you explore plastic as an alternative packaging material, and how our application expertise can help you design and produce never-before-seen packages for ultimate shelf differentiation.

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