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17 April 2023

Avery Dennison's adds ChatGPT, AI to cloud in bid to increase efficiency 

Materials science and manufacturing company Avery Dennison has added ChatGPT and artificial intelligence (AI) functionality to its connected product cloud to speed up supply chain processes for its clients.

Avery Dennison announced the latest updates to its connected product cloud last month (28 March), which aims to help brands transform their supply chains.  

The company explained that its spring update will also help its clients, which span across apparel, retail, food and healthcare sectors, prepare for the EU Digital Product Passport legislation, which starts from 2026, with its DPP Essentials module. 

Max Winograd, vice president, digital solutions at Avery Dennison pointed out: “The goal of using AI technologies, including ChatGPT, is to increase efficiency by reducing the time people need to spend on repetitive, manual tasks.  

"Today, sourcing and supply chain managers spend a significant amount of time chasing information via email, typing out repetitive inquiries and follow-ups. With our generative AI, we are helping to speed up this process significantly, while maintaining the trusted, human connections among partners in the supply chain.” 

The update features AI and the integration of ChatGPT for automating alert response.  

It is described as the first of many applications of generative AI for the connected product cloud and is said to enable better collaboration and more efficient communication amongst supply chain partners, while offering privacy and data protection compliance.  

Avery Dennison explains the team is also working on extra capabilities, such as natural language queries on the large datasets manages, as well as content creation for consumer facing experiences, and intelligent, personalised notifications. These additions will be rolled out gradually over the course of the year to enable customers to benefit first-hand from the continuous advancements in generative AI.  

Avery Dennison believes the new dedicated DPP Essentials module will help firms prepare for the upcoming EU Digital Product Passport scheme which will affect batteries, textiles, and consumer electronics.  

The aim is for to capture and manage the key data the legislation is expected to mandate, including raw material insights, product certificates, and the carbon footprint.  

Avery Dennison said the platform allows brands to selectively share this data, through a DPP Essentials template, directly with consumers for better storytelling around environmental credentials as well as tips to extend the life of products through repair, reuse, and remanufacture.  

The company added that it has first-hand insights to shape the platform and advise customers as needed due to being an associate partner of the CIRPASS consortium, which is advising the EU on its implementation.  

Winograd explained: “In the last year, we have added an additional six billion items to the platform and also announced key partnerships with organisations including SAP, Wiliot, and Hedera, enabling brands to transform the efficiency and sustainability of their global supply chains. From the outset, has been designed to provide organizations with unprecedented visibility into the origin, sourcing, and re-use of their products. The addition of the DPP Essentials module is an extension of the functionality customers already have and provides them with the templates needed to prepare for the upcoming legislation.” 

18 April 2023

Syntegon launches cloud-based software and filling solution 

Packaging company Syntegon is showcasing its new cloud-based software and filling process for liquid and viscous food products at Interpack 2023. 

Provider of processing, filling and packaging technology Syntegon is set to exhibit its new cloud-based data collection and visualisation software Synexio at Interpack 2023. 

Syntegon offers this software in packages which work by collecting, evaluating and visualising machine and production data. 

The basic package “Monitor” visualises various KPIs to improve production transparency. 

Syntegon product manager expert services Elisa Hein said: “Now that our customers are successfully implementing the basic package, we are ready to upgrade to the next level.” 

The second Synexio upgraded package is “Uptime.” 

Hein explained: “Besides machine availability, we can now also identify specific potential for improvement, for example by visualising the most frequent reasons for stops.” 

Cloud-based technology is becoming more prevalent in the packaging industry, with materials science and manufacturing company Avery Dennison announcing that it is adding ChatGPT and artificial intelligence (AI) functionality to its product cloud. 

Another product that Syntegon will launch at Interpack is its LFS filling machine for liquid and viscous food products. 

The carrier plates can be detached from the transport chain and replaced with the desired format to adjust the diameter, shape or filling volume of the cups. The LFS allows the pre-installation of up to two different plates. 

The machine covers cup sizes between 60mm and 160mm in diameter and food producers can reportedly fill between three and eight lanes simultaneously.  

The LFS is a joint development of two Syntegon companies: the Königsbrunn-based Ampack GmbH designed the solution with the US manufacturer of filling and sealing technology Osgood Industries. 

Syntegon product manager Oguz Karcier commented: “The machine is available in Clean and Ultra-Clean applications. Thanks to its modular design, the LFS can be adapted to the respective market and production conditions with little effort – ensuring future-proof processes.” 

Syntegon was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in Waiblingen, Germany. The company focuses on food and pharmaceutical packaging.