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allfo Vakuumverpackungen is the European market leader for high-quality vacuum bags. The wide assortment, which is available in various sizes and film thicknesses, ranges from side-seal bags, shrink bags and tubular bags to cook-in bags, stand-up pouches and multilayer bags.

allvac Folien produces thermoformable barrier films based on polyethylene and polyamide. Particularly used for the packaging of perishable foodstuffs, they also form the prime-quality basis for the bag production of our sister company allfo.

Mid-range One-Step Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine – ASB-70DPH


he renowned bag specialist develops and produces individual packaging solutions, according to customer requirements. Flexible and fast production guarantees speedy delivery and maximum security of supply for the customer. Particularly the food industry benefits from the bag solutions for packaging meat, meat products and sausages, corn and sous-vide dishes. allfo is equally suited for non-food applications, such as in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals and the packaging of technical products.

Carefully selected, high-quality raw materials from innovative, renowned suppliers and constant further development of the film construction as well as production processes result in first-class films, which allvac manufactures. All film types have one thing in common: they guarantee an optimal and aesthetic product presentation and ensure smooth processing due to their excellent machinability.

Enabling Customer to Innovate Faster

Die-cutting is a piece in the complete supply chain of a final product. But nor the less it decides significantly about success. What die-cutting solution you choose decides about appearance of the product, sustainability, quality as well as efficiency.

Over the last few years, BERHALTER has reacted continuously and highly flexible to increase market demands and has introduced a number of innovations to the market. Alongside its capacity for constant innovation, BERHALTER is synonymous with the production of efficient and customer-oriented die-cutting systems. We specialise in the manufacturing of user-friendly but high productive die-cutting machines.

Excellent barrier values at allvac: evoh high barrier

Flexible, coextruded PA/PE (EVOH) high barrier composite films from allvac ensure long shelf life and perfect aroma protection. Polyamide and polyethylene as film base guarantee high puncture resistance while protecting the packaged goods from moisture as well as from any loss of product fluids. EVOH (ethyl vinyl alcohol) is a PE-based aroma barrier which guarantees the preservation of the packaged product’s taste. Baked rolls or tasty fresh pasta receive reliable protection from moisture and oxygen. Our composite films are the solution to provide your products with a long shelf life, aroma preservation and, at the same time, a sales-promoting appearance at the point of sale.

The pay off between food, safety and low carbon emphasises the need for innovation.

EVOH high barrier composite film

Top seller at allfo: side seal bag

A sealed-edge pouch is characterised by three sealing seams and is very often used to pack products airtight, especially in a vacuum chamber machine. allfo produces different formats of the so-called three-side sealed vacuum pouches. A classic is the transparent PA/PE sealed edge pouch in 90my.

We also produce numerous variants from special laminates for special applications or product presentations. In addition to vacuum, the barrier properties of our pouches ensure the highest product safety and aroma protection, as they form a stable gas barrier. Low air pull rates thanks to the best sealing properties and a high tear and puncture resistance under mechanical stress are further advantages of allfo’s sealed edge pouches.

Side seal bag

Ecological, economic and social

Packaging protects. It ensures that products withstand even longer transport routes undamaged. It increases the shelf life of food while enhancing its appetising appearance at the point of sale. Packaging reduces the amount of food that has to be disposed of due to spoilage. Packaging is therefore much better than its reputation, as it makes an important contribution to sustainability including all aspects mentioned.

Environmentally compatible materials, but also those that are recyclable, i.e. can be returned to the production process, are concrete approaches that have already reached market maturity. The motive is to conserve and save fossil raw materials.

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