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Issue 57 • March 2021

Welcome to our 57th edition of Inside Packaging.

As more companies move towards using biopolymers in packaging, some are considering hemp as a potential biomass source. In our cover story, we find out if this ‘wonder crop’ can make an impact in the world of bioplastic.

Elsewhere, awareness of ocean-bound plastic has heightened over recent years but some still have concerns about its quality, collection processes, and cost. We find out about the efforts being made to build trust within the sector.

It's been 30 years since the signing of the Basel Convention and as we enter 2021, the amendments to the international treaty on hazardous waste are now in place. In this issue, we hear from those in the recycling and plastics sector to learn what the reaction has been to the changes.

Similarly, in light of the British Plastics Federation’s new recycling roadmap for 2030, we learn how a holistic approach to recycling is essential in order to reach the targets that have been set.

Lastly, across the pond, the US often finds its recycling infrastructure under the spotlight. We look into the state of the recycling landscape in 'the land of the free', asking how it can be improved. 

For this, and more, read on.

Peter Nilson, editor