Latest update: 17 February

The Conference Board forecasts the US' economic growth rate at 2%(annualised rate) in Q1 2021.

S&P Ratings forecasts the economic growth rate of China at 7% in 2021, following a 2.3% growth recorded in 2020.


0.3The IMF projects global economic growth at 5.5% for 2021, an upward revision from the 5.2% rise estimated in October 2020.


The unemployment rate in OECD nations stood at 6.9% in December 2020, unchanged from the previous month.

Impact of Covid-19 on eMPLOYMENT


Latest update: 3 February

The rise of the ecommerce channel is significantly impacting the packaging industry, and suppliers are optimising packaging to be more robust for this channel in order to meet manufacturer requirements.

Digital tools continue to be used to achieve safety and efficiency. Packaging companies also recognise the continued importance of investing in sustainable supply chain operations.

Packaging sub-sector impact

Packaging impact assessment

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