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Supermarket chain Asda plans to achieve its commitment to using 30% recycled content in its plastic packaging by the end of 2020, five years ahead of schedule. 

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SIG to produce beverage cartons from recycled plastic waste

Aseptic packaging solution provider SIG has started producing beverage cartons with recycled polymer from post-consumer plastic waste. 

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P&G home care brands to double recycled plastic in packaging

The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) has announced it will double the recycled plastic content in its packaging for household cleaning brands in Europe by early next year.

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BP’s new technology to recycle previously unrecyclable PET plastics

BP has developed a technology that can recycle polyethene terephthalate (PET), which is a plastic waste that was previously considered unrecyclable. The new technologyBP Infinia can transform PET waste into new, virgin-quality feedstocks.

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The mandatory 5p plastic bag levy has changed the way British consumers shop, with 78% saying they now reuse plastic bags more often, according to the latest research from the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).

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The UK Government has awarded up to £1m of funding to help tackle waste crime in the UK and prevent illegal waste from being shipped abroad.

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Unilever-owned personal care brand Dove has announced it will begin using new 100% recycled plastic (PCR) bottles. According to the plan, the company is planning to reduce virgin plastic waste by over 20,500t annually.

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Ecosurety funds ‘tag & trace’ packaging recycling technology trial

Funded by Ecosurety and led by waste conversion firm Econpro, a 40-day trial is being run for Polytag. Polytag is a technology platform that is being developed to allow manufacturers to track packaging from the point of manufacture so it can be recycled in batches of identical-grade and colour plastic.  

Source: PackagingNews

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