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CS Hyde Company is a woman-owned precision converter founded in 1996. We offer a large selection of high performance thin gauge plastic films, pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, industrial fabrics, silicone sheet, and so much more.

About CS Hyde Company

Founded in 1996, CS Hyde Company has been providing an endless number of industries with high-performance materials that are required for functionality, production and growth. CS Hyde Company specializes in tapes, films, fabrics and silicone and utilizes the latest in high tech converting equipment to provide a superior product in the shortest timeframe possible.
Our converting capabilities include: Slitting, Sheeting, Laminating, Die Cutting, Die Less knife Cutting, Belting, and now 3D printing surfaces. We supply many top trade name products including DuPont Kapton®, Teflon™ Fluoroplastic, UHMW, PTFE coated fiberglass, PVDF, Mylar®, 3M®, Kevlar® products along with additional exceptional materials.

Converting solutions

CS Hyde can provide solutions for almost any type of application. We can identify the right film, tape, or silicone for your application and provide the most cost and quality effective converting service to produce a finished product.

We serve many industries including packaging, industrial, medical, aerospace, electronics, solar, and 3D Printing. We specialize in custom specialty products to fit customer requirements. Common examples include creating specialty tapes for customers who need ideal properties for their application. We can take almost any of our stock thermoplastics and laminate an adhesive that will withstand the environment and adhere securely to the substrate. Another example includes custom slitting tapes to fit tight tolerances in an application. We have two types of slitting: single knife slitting and unwind/rewind slitting. We can also create custom rotary tooling to manage nominal thicknesses and larger OD rolls. If you are looking for more custom applications, our die-less knife cutting system allows us take customer drawings and cut parts directly from the drawing. This service is most commonly used for placement parts such as silicone gaskets, barrier films, or die cut pieces. If you are looking for die cuts on a roll, our rotary press is another option. An example of this type of roll includes our Kapton® washers. Kapton® tape is die-cut to include the outside diameter and inner diameter on a clear liner substrate. The rotary tool cuts the topside of the Kapton thru the adhesive to the liner. The inner circle remains on the liner, leaving the outside washer easily peeled off to stick on an application. For more automated services we have high speed sheeting capabilities that allow us to sheet adhesive and non adhesive coated films and fabrics measuring from .001" to .03" in thickness with a minimum length and width measurement of just three inches.

Why work with us?

We stock our products in house and work with some of the top manufactures in the industry. This allows us to offer our customers only the best performance products with the shortest lead times and same day shipping as well. We ship both domestic and internationally.

Our team possesses years of experience and pay special attention to the quality of your product. CS Hyde continues to be committed to our customers, and will always provide service and products that have the client's best interests in mind. We pride ourselves on building successful, long-term relationships with our client base and surpassing their expectations. CS Hyde Company is passionate about our performance products and services and will continue strive to be the best in the industry

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CS Hyde Company

Email: sales@cshyde.comm

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