Efficient application solutions for Packaging Industry

what are the challenges

Complex, frequently changing packaging tasks

Meeting increasingly challenging standards for trademark protection, food safety and authenticity

System installation limitations and accurate measurements of a wide variety of objects

sick solutions

Detecting and measuring

Differently sized products require flexible machines and a broad spectrum of intelligent sensors to detect objects and measure physical sizes. SICK's modern sensors feature automatic teach-in and diagnostic capabilities, and make a significant contribution towards meeting these challenges.


The modular construction of modern packaging requires an intelligent and flexible safety concept. SICK safety solutions ensure the protection of personnel and machines, optimize production, reduce machine footprint requirements, and decrease downtime.

Monitoring and inspecting

In order to ensure constant high quality with high throughput speeds on packaging machines, a quality control system is needed that meets the highest requirements. SICK's distance sensors and vision sensors support nearly every type of monitoring.

Managing and identifying data

Reliable identification of objects is a prerequisite for a smooth packaging process which lays the foundations for traceability and continuous quality improvement. SICK offers a wide range of both permanently installed and mobile readers for bar codes, 2D codes and RFID technologies.