Save Food needs barrier materials – Clean environment needs recyclable materials

Shelf life of food is an important issue. 1.3 billion tons of food worldwide end up in waste or are destroyed by spoilage every year – just enough to nourish the entire population.

In order to increase the shelf life of food and to protect it during transport, it is imperative to provide purposeful packaging that will prevent food from spoiling prematurely.

The allfo Group counteracts waste by using high-quality vacuum packaging and thermoforming films to preserve food.

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allfo is the European market leader in the field of vacuum packaging.

The synergy of both, film production and bag manufacturing, enables the group to develop solutions perfectly timed to the market.

allvac is producing barrier composite films mainly based on polyethylene and polyamide. The processes include castextrusion and blowing lines to use the best of results of both. These thermoforming films are on the one hand dedicated to the food industry and on the other hand form the basis for the vacuum bag production of the sister company allfo.

allfo is converting films to bags and producing a wide range of side seal bags and tubular bags by employing 30 pouch making machines. A large stock availability of 3,500 pallet spaces for over 200 permanently available bag sizes ensures short delivery times.

Vacuum bags

Side seal bag

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thermoforming films

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thermoforming films

We attach great importance to sustainability and fairness

allfo and allvac pay high attention to material and energy efficiency with regard to sustainability. Waste avoidance and waste management also play a major role. The companies are also members of the "Save Food" initiative, which fights against the worldwide waste of food.

Polyamide-free and fully recyclable packaging

Our newest development of a polyamide-free barrier film is the answer to a lot of questions of our time. The protection of food and long shelf life is still guaranteed and the material is fully recyclable. The material is available as thermoforming film and as vacuum bag.

Vacuum bags and thermoforming films are used to package meat safely, but also to enable it to mature in them – just like cheese. But there is even more: allfo bags are ideal for cooking, pasteurising or sterilising.

The bags tolerate extreme climatic conditions and remain reliably in shape and sealable even at high temperatures. They can be perfectly processed on vacuum chamber machines, are easy to handle and, depending on the packaging concept, also offer practical opening aids, which is not limited to free-flowing products such as grated cheese, tea or spices.

Sixty percent export rate

Many years of experience have enabled the company to acquire the corresponding expertise in dealing with customs duties, permits and current export regulations. The spacious warehouse, a major advantage of the new production site in Waltenhofen, allows bags to be shipped quickly throughout the world, even in large quantities. Especially countries in Eastern Europe, overseas and the Arab states are currently experiencing a major boom.

In addition, the renowned bag specialist develops and produces individual packaging solutions, according to customer requirements. Flexible and fast production guarantees speedy delivery and maximum security of supply for the customer.

Laboratory and application technology center

The entire process chain is covered, from film development to extrusion and finishing. allfo moreover scores with its development department including the in-house laboratory and application technology centre. The company has committed itself to developing a modern and customized solution for any type of application within the shortest possible time.

We have also signed up to the GKV Code of Conduct. This includes competition rights, global guidelines on human and labor rights, and ethical and social principles.

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Lisa Schraut – Marketing


Lisa Schraut – Marketing

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