The briefing on anti-counterfeit packaging

Facts, figures and trends in the anti-counterfeit packaging market

In numbers


Expected value of the global anti-counterfeit packaging market by 2023

Source: Research and Markets


Projected CAGR for the global anti-counterfeit packaging market 2017-2021

Source: RBTE Report


Projected cost of product counterfeiting and diversion by 2022

Source: The Telegraph


of FMCG executives surveyed by GlobalData are concerned about the dangers of counterfeit goods

Source: GlobalData


Forecast CAGR for Asia-Pacific anti-counterfeit packaging market to 2023

Source: openPR


Track and trace technology’s contribution to the anti-counterfeit packaging market in 2017

Source: GlobeNewswire


Expected market value of global anti-counterfeit pharmaceutical packaging market by 2026

Source: Find Market Research


Predicted growth rate for anti-counterfeit clothing and accessories packaging global market by 2025

Source: Market News Insights

Global anti-counterfeit packaging market size by region, by value, 2013-2023 (forecast)

Source: TechSci Research

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In quotes

“Serialisation and track & trace techniques have proved highly effective in combatting fraud in other industries like pharmaceuticals. In the food industry, investment has been limited to high value items like caviar; where producers use a universal labelling system to prove authenticity and that the caviar was obtained legally. This approach has significant benefits, both in maintaining sustainability and protecting consumers from the consequences of counterfeit goods. The continued growth in food fraud indicates that it is time to apply the same traceability techniques to spices, meat products, olive oil and wine, where counterfeiting is an enormous issue and safety is paramount.”

Mettler-Toledo spokesperson Joanna Mooberry

Source: Packaging Today

"The most straightforward solution that manufacturers can use to combat simulation is to make pack design difficult to copy. This drives innovation trends towards having more security features that on the one hand enhance brand identity, and at the same time help the identification of genuine products. However, another key focus for manufacturers is how to manage products that are over-produced, and make sure information around formulation and packaging is not leaked during the process. Therefore a track and trace system is also helpful in combating counterfeiting for manufacturers."

Irene Bi, associate analyst at GlobalData Consumer

Source: GlobalData Consumer

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