Judge a brand by its packaging. How Bosch helps brands stand out

While consumers and retailers continue to seek convenience, Bosch is leading the evolution of eye-catching design and attractive packaging styles. The high-quality Doy Zip stand-up pouches took the market for sweet and savory treats by storm, leaving consumers coming back for more and enabling producers to ramp up production.

Convenient, resealable pack styles have been on the rise in both emerging and developed markets: the proportion of the global population living busy lifestyles in urban areas is growing, as is the number of smaller households snacking on-the-go. These trends are particularly important for products such as nuts, confectionery and chocolate, for which the Doy Zip from Bosch is an ideal solution, offering high-quality bags with a convenient zipper.

Ideal for snack and confectionery brands seeking differentiation from their competitors

Food trays and baking molds made from Genuine Vegetable parchment are biodegradable and home compostable.

Boosting Impulse Sales

With 70 percent of consumer buying decisions taking place in-store, enhanced shelf appeal has never been more important. This is where your brand – and its packaging – needs to shine. With its stand-up capability, unique shape and glossy surface, this is where the Doy Zip bag comes in and breathes new life into brands. With its large print area, with plenty of space for striking graphics that help you connect to your customer, it’s easy to see why Doy Zip stand-up pouches are winning consumer hearts, making them the go-to solution for many producers of high quality treats. The pouches keep products fresh and offer unbeatable convenience, with easy opening and reclosing capabilities that enable consumers to save leftover treats for later.

More than a pretty package

Convenience is key in today’s fast-paced world and it’s now easier than ever to equip your brand with a convenient zipper. For example, Bosch’s new SVE 2520 DZ, the fastest vertical form, fill and seal machine with Doy Zip functionality on the market, produces up to 100 Doy Zip bags per minute. By yielding a higher return on investment, this offers relief for many manufacturers who are suffering from constantly increasing cost pressures. Add to this that the machine takes up only a third of the footprint of the respective horizontal equipment without sacrificing the bag quality and it’s easy to see why the solution has become one of the leading options on the market.

As Flexible as packaging can be

Promotions, seasonal fluctuations and ever-changing consumer preferences, coupled with intense competition on supermarket shelves, all require ever faster changes in pack styles and sizes. When selecting the right packaging solution, it is important to consider whether such changeovers are easy to execute and replicate in the future. The fewer tools used, the lower the risk of operator error and increased downtime.

Leading solutions are designed with this in mind. Take for example the SVE 2520 DZ, which delivers seven different bag styles on one machine, including pillow, gusseted, block bottom, corner seal, full corner, 3-sided and doy. With changeovers in as little as 30 minutes from pillow to Doy Zip, it’s easier than ever to run seasonal promotions and future-proof your production to adjust quickly to evolving consumer demands.

Customers change their minds, and that’s okay. You can choose up to nine different bag styles on one machine and make changeovers in as little as 30 minutes - from pillow to Doy Zip

Whatever your packaging needs are, working with a single-source solutions supplier can help you identify suitable packaging equipment and gives you access to essential advice on primary, secondary and tertiary packaging right from the source. This, in turn, enables you to best meet the needs of both consumers and retailers.

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