Taste the freshness

Zipper reclosability with airtight seals keeps your product fresh and easy to access. 

Respond quickly to changing market demands

Run the 9 most popular bag styles on a single machine with changeovers between Doy Zip and pillow in as little as 30 minutes.

Zipped In Style

With the SVE Doy Zip continuous motion VFFS bagger

Maximize your output per square meter

Save production space with the compact SVE 3220 DZ producing up to 100 stand-up Doy Zip bags per minute.

Stand out from the crowd

Achieve the maximum shelf appeal with stand-up Doy Zip bags up to 320 mm in height.

Future proof your business

for ever changing

market demands

The SVE Doy Zip VFFS

Find out how it works

Stand out from the crowd

with Doy Zip from Bosch

Achieve the ultimate impact on the

shelves with high quality stand-up

Doy Zip bags up to 320 mm

in height. Maximum flexibility

on a minimum footprint.

Explore the full Doy Zip potential


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systems family

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equipment effectiveness with our

system solutions designed

specifically for your industry.

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