REPI GROUP OPERATES SINCE 1973 AS A RELIABLE SUPPLIER OF HIGH-PERFORMANCE LIQUID COLOURS AND ADDITIVES FOR PLASTICS that find application in a variety of industries, including packaging, furniture, building and construction, footwear and automotive.

Research and experimentation together with a forward-looking vision enabled the company to become one of the world leaders in the industry.

Today REPI operates globally, with own facilities in Italy, Germany, the UK, Russia, the United States and Thailand.

Packaging is among the Group’s core businesses: colour and additive solutions are offered to preforms, bottles, trays and caps. REPI as well serves industrial applications such as the furniture and the building and construction industry, and in general the world of the injection moulded parts. State of the art R&D departments of REPI sites develop custom-made solutions and perform packaging prototyping projects giving as a result physical bottles, essential in the decision-making phase of customers and Brand Owners.

In addition to the colours, the portfolio of specialty additives provides packaging converters high performance products which, case by case, improve process performance, raise the content protection, give a better aesthetics, and enhance the properties of recycled plastics.

Being an established player in the field of plastic packaging, REPI recognizes the importance of evolving towards a circular economy. It is in this perspective, that the REFIT brand has been created, representing the range of products dedicated to recycled PET.

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