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All-Fill’s load cell selection ensures accuracy for its range of filling machines

Proper dosing of powders in filling machines is a challenging task. The machines are usually used in production lines where they often need to fill different materials at various speeds. These processes are dependent on the accuracy, reaction and settling time of the load cells used.

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For this reason, leading UK manufacturer, All-Fill International, specialist in high specification powder filling machines has been using HBM's reliable weighing technology equipment for many years. Once again, All-Fill has selected an HBM load cell for its latest sack filling machine.

The PW12C is made from aluminium with a maximum platform size of 800 x 800 mm and the load cell is available in a number of options to meet a wide range of requirements. The load cell has OIML R60 approval and has a 6-wire configuration allowing the flexibility of increasing or decreasing cable length without impairing measurement accuracy.

Design based around HBM's load cell specifications:

All-Fill International started designing the sack-filling machine a year ago and based the design around HBM’s load cell specifications.

Simon Goulden, All-Fill International’s Engineering Manager said: "We wanted a reliable load cell that was flexible enough to get the required accuracy but physically strong enough to support the weigh platform, as it needs to be quite robust in this application."

The sack filling machine is designed to be multi-functioning and can include an additional 5 kg-capacity load cell and various attachments such as platforms for filling pails and boxes in addition to sacks.

Long history of working with HBM:

All Fill International has a long history of working with HBM and has used both its digital and analogue models. This includes using HBM’s FIT1 digital load cells.

HBM’s FIT1 digital load cell features integrated overload protection for service loading of 150 per cent of the maximum capacity to provide additional safety. The load cells are normally used in applications where speed and accuracy are crucial factors.

Manufactured in stainless steel the FIT1 digital load cell provides IP66 protection to meet All-Fill International’s requirements.

All Fill International often works with OEMs and its machines are integrated into production lines with the machines usually in continuous use. Each machine is normally built individually to meet the customer’s specifications.

FIT®/1 Digital Load Cell

Auger-based filling equipment from All Fill:

Founded in 1969, All-Fill is one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of high specification auger-based filling equipment. All-Fill produces equipment to meet a wide range of customer needs, from individual filling machines to complete turn-key lines. These must be capable of handling a wide range of products from fine powders such as talc, milk and other food powders through to pharmaceutical products. Often All Fill’s customers require different products to be handled on the same filling machine with minimal change-parts while some industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry demands the highest standards of quality.

All-Fill International utilizes load cells in a variety of ways in its machines including the so-called bulk-and-dribble method where the auger can be run at high speeds for the main product fill and then used at slow speed to top up the product. In this mode the accuracy of the machine is dependent on the reaction and settling time of the load cell.

All Fill produces a range of high-quality auger-based filling machines that are enhanced by the use of HBM's load cells

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