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Equipment and quality assurance systems

Valco Melton is a world-leading manufacturer of adhesive dispensing equipment and quality assurance systems. From case sealers and carton closers, to all forms of primary and tertiary packagers, we offer a comprehensive range of adhesive melters, guns and other compatible spare parts.

Valco Melton’s focus on sealing applications is all about the end user’s product. Our innovative solutions cause an improvement in the package quality, reduction of consumables such as adhesive, compressed air and parts changes. Our goal is to make your process and production less expensive to operate, more efficient, reduce downtime and provide a true ROI that includes immediate cost reduction of your packaged product.

Whether it’s our pneumatic packaging solutions, Melt-On Demand solutions or EcoStitch All Electric solutions, we will work with your team to create the package that works best for you and your plant requirements.

Hot Melt & Cold Glue:

In addition to hot melt systems, Valco Melton has been a leading supplier of cold glue systems for more than 64 years. Combined with our line of quality assurance systems and electronic controls, Valco Melton guarantees precise adhesive application and improved product quality.

Vision Inspection for a perfect package

In combination with Valco Melton, ClearVision has become the leader in development and engineering of vision-based inspection products for corrugated box manufacturing.   

ClearVision’s unique camera inspections systems have re-invented and streamlined the box-manufacturing process. Valco Melton’s ClearVision camera inspection systems offer a complete quality assurance program that guarantees zero defect boxes, saving you and your clients both time and energy.   

By utilizing ClearVision’s complete camera inspection systems you can be assured that each box your manufacturing system produces is perfectly specified to your client’s needs. Unlock the power you have to control the success of your end-product by learning more about ClearVision Camera Inspection Systems today.

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Valco Melton provides support worldwide. Our vast network of operation supported by knowledgeable, local sales and service teams, which are committed to providing unparalleled technical support to customers in over 96 countries across the globe.

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Valco Melton
Adhesive Dispensing & Quality Assurance Systems
World HQ: +1 513 874 6550
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