A new view on stamping foils for the Graphic industries with innovative brand enhancement of POS products 

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A new view on stamping foils for the Graphic industries with innovative brand enhancement of POS products 

UNIVACCO is one of the most innovative vacuum and coating firms in the world, providing various decorative and functional foils which covered Hot stamping foils, Cold foils, Holographic foils and Digital foils. Immerse your products in the vibrant array of colours of our foils and as portrayed by the UNIVACCO rainbow logo, shower a rainbow of affection on your customers.

As the branch office of Univacco Technology Inc., a company that does business around the globe – Univacco Foils Holland BV is in a position to offer its customers the entire powerhouse of competencies of a global market leader of stamping foils for the graphic industries. The commitment and hard work of the highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce ensures perfect customer service. Moreover, high-tech production- and slitting facilities as well a constant quality checks in manufacturing guarantee quality standards that meet the demands of a premium brand.

Research & Development


Information´s and achievements on Environmental Protection

Green Management System

Green Supply Chain

Green Materials

Green Process

Green Electricity

Recycling & Reuse

Green applications

Environment-, Energy- and Greenhouse gases Management implemented

Suppliers and Forwarders are required and audited to follow green material procedures

  • Developments of low VOC recipes
  • Low carbon recipes
  • Water base recipes
  • no waste water generation during manufacturing process
  • increased 22% adoption of water-based resins
  • 33% VOC emissions 
  • More than 100,000 kWh green power purchased
  • 99% of VOCs removed by RTO 
  • 40% reuse ratio of solvents and resins
  • Reuse of packing materials as well as reduction of packaging waste
  • Cooperation with best in class partners for recycling of used PET rolls  
  • Research and Development of new products which offer less make ready times, less waste sheets before production start and less energy required. 
  • Long term Focus on eco-friendly transfer foil products without any plastics carriers being applied to packaging substrates and which are easy to recycle 
  • “SEF” Cast & Cure film with max. possible reusability performance of our films 


ISO 9001

OHSAS 18001:2007


TOSHMS CNS 15506:2011

ISO 50001:2011

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 14064-1:2006

ISO 14067-3:2013

Suppliers and Forwarders are required and audited to follow green material procedures

Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

Energy Management System Standards

Environmental Management Standards

Greenhouse Gas Verification

Product Carbon Footprint Verification

Cold Foils - Metallic Effects for Sheet-fed Offset & Narrow Web applications

Sheet-fed Offset

CF6.2-series New UV overprintable series with Ultra High Gloss
for extremely fine to very large cold foiling designs

Narrow Web

CF4.6R-A General Cold Foil for fine to large stamping designs with superb overprintability

CF4.6S Cold Foil for shrink sleeve applications

CF4.6DU Double-sided Gold Cold Foil for brilliant reverse effects

Hot Stamping Foils – for a very large range of different substrates and stamping requirements

777 Suitable for UV varnishes and OPP laminates with extremely fine definition design

TS-series Suitable for UV varnishes and OPP laminates with small to medium coverage

OF-series Suitable for overprinting with UV inks and UV varnishes
U-series (various) Suitable for overprinting conventional inks

Holographic Foils realized with seamless effects as Cold Foil, Hot Stamping Foil or Lamination Film

CF5.1Y UV overprintable holographic Sheet-fed Offset Cold Foil

CF4.2S UV overprintable holographic Narrow Web Cold Foil

TS-/7xx-series Hot Stamping Foils for various surfaces and large range of applications

Special Effect Foils (SEF) for Cast & Cure applications

SEF CnC in a large range of holographic patterns, lens designs and possibility for customizations

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