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50 years of experience in plastics processing and technologies combined with a broad range of systems and services make Piovan Group a Worldwide Trusted Partner.

  • Full Integration: complete turn-key solutions for complex customers needs 
  • Engineered customization 
  • Whole process automation from silos to primary machine
  • Utmost efficiency
  • Lower cost per unit produced
  • Software and Analysis Instrumentation to control production KPI and performances

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Everything is under control

Management of storage, distribution and material utilization

Raw material complete traceability

Efficiency of production and equipment uptime

Control, management and certification of production lots

Plant wide connectivity and integration with existing MRP systems

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The supervision software for the Digital Factory in accordance with Industry 4.0 guidelines

Minimize total cost of PET preforms production and choose the complete drying bay of Piovan Group

Two of the main costs for PET preforms producers are the resin to be processed and energy.

Piovan drying bay has been designed with the aim to:

  • Achieve the maximum efficiency in terms of energy consumption.
    It is possible thanks to the combination of the auto-adaptive dryer Genesys, with the RPA mould dryer and the high efficiency PET Chiller.

  • Reduce at the minimum level scraps and rejected parts.
    The Piovan bay allows producers to control all the process parameters guaranteeing in the same time the highest performances and the constancy in time, thanks also to AIPC technology.

Piovan Group stands out for being a one-stop partner, providing not only the equipment but complete systems, including mezzanine, platform and ladders and piping.

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