Labels in the industrial industry require specific properties that allow them to withstand harsh environments where high temperature, chemical resistance, solvent resistance, and scratch resistance play a factor. Not only are labels used as a product code identifier but they also can be used to call out industry specific regulations such as the Food Standards Code.

CS Hyde Company supplies white polyimide tape that is ideal for industrial labeling applications. White polyimide has excellent scratch, abrasion, chemical, and heat resistance especially when printed with a thermal transfer resin based ribbon. Our white polyimide also has a matte finish that enhances its chemical resistance when printing with thermal ribbons. 

White polyimide labels are perfect for marking or labeling electronic components. Polyimide labels can be found on electronic printed circuit boards (PCBS) to identify material number, serial number, or bar codes. Circuit boards are the brains of technology, so it is important to have durable labels that withstand their environment.  

CS Hyde can specially cut die cut labels to meet customer specified dimensions. We can offer labels in loose pieces, sheets, or supplied on a continuous roll. Our white polyimide tape and labels have a removable kraft liner that can be peeled back to reveal the aggressive acrylic adhesive for peel and stick application. 

Die cutting process 

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