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Nowadays, the pouch almost seems to be the go-to pack format for new brands, so Plum Organic’s decision to launch its new range of fruit and vegetable-based baby foods in consumer-friendly bowl-shaped plastic pots could be a deliberate move to set the brand apart from the competition.

The thermoformed clear polypropylene (PP) pot has a rounded shape that fits easily and comfortably in the consumer’s hand and a brightly coloured low-density polyethylene lid (LDPE) makes it easy to differentiate product flavours. The packs are very distinctive in comparison to the sector’s traditional cylindrical glass jars and the more contemporary flexible pouches.

The lid is designed to be used as a handy spoon rest when feeding the child and features an embossed logo at the centre of a recessed area, which also enables the packs to be stacked in the home and at retail. Each pack also carries what Plum terms a “freshness marker” as a reminder to help consumers keep track of when the pack was first opened. A days-of-the-week scale is printed on the pot’s shrinksleeve and the consumer aligns an embossed arrow on the top of the lid with the appropriate day of the week.

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“The pots have a stylish look and Plum Organic appears to have given good consideration to how the consumer might use the pack,” comments Gemma Hill, lead packaging analyst for GlobalData. “The bowl shape of the pot sits perfectly in the palm of your hand and the resealable lid is easy to remove, thanks to a lift-up tab on the edge and the flexible nature of the LDPE material.”

“Using the lid as a spoon rest means you’re not messing up the table or highchair, and while there’s nothing high-tech about the freshness marker, it’s a very simple device that helps to make life easier for busy parents. The concept could also be applied to other shelf-stable foods that require refrigeration after opening, such as sauces or fruits and vegetables, or chilled foods like yogurt, dips, and sauces.”

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