...constant innovation for the bottling & packaging industry since 1987

Smart bottling and packaging plants

An accurate design of a complete bottling line, an appropriate sizing of machines and equipment and a smooth running of the whole system are essential factors to produce efficiently, to cut production costs and to achieve a good competitive edge on the markets.

SMI design and manufacture high tech machines equipped with IoT technology and provides the worldwide clients with innovative and Smart solutions capable of fully meeting their demands in terms of efficiency, reliability, flexibility, energy saving and simple management & monitoring of the production line. 

New age of bottling, packaging and smart manufacturing

With the launch of the ERGON technology SMI has inaugurated these  “new ages” and has been able to meet the market requirements by providing advanced solutions to the market and automated machines equipped with the latest technologies inspired by Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) principles. 

...The winner is.... The passion and innovation

This means “the new EBS K ERGON stretch-blow moulder”

Driven by constant innovation and by passion and determination SMI develops new machines that offer competitiveness, efficiency and service. SMI is continuing to innovate with the same enthusiasm as always, driven by undeniable values such as seriousness, respect for his customers and team-work. 
Among the latest innovation there's the new EBS K ERGON stretch-blow moulder. Thanks to this machine SMI was named one of 11 National Winners from 189 businesses representing Italy for The European Business Awards, Europe’s largest business competition, sponsored by RSM.