We have only seen the beginning of what fiber-based materials and solutions can be used for in food packaging.

Imagine fiber.

Food trays and baking molds made from Genuine Vegetable Parchment are biodegradable and home compostable.
Imagine fiber.

Greener solutions

Fiber-based solutions provide a fresh approach to developing greener alternatives to non-renewable materials.

Our NatureMoldTM baking molds offer end products that are biodegradable and home compostable. The mold is 100% cellulose for end products that are easy and safe to use.

The material has unrivalled wet strength and grease resistance. This innovative tray is a good example of a green alternative to plastic or aluminum molds.

Raising the bar in consumer safety with a paper solution that offers an excellent mineral oil barrier*.
Imagine fiber.

Mineral oil
barrier paper

To protect food from potential contamination by mineral oils, Ahlstrom-Munksjö developed GerstarTM  Mo, a one-side coated paper with an excellent mineral oil barrier (MOSH-MOAH*).

This specialty paper can be used to produce primary packaging that prevents mineral oil migration into dry and non-fatty food for maximum consumer safety.

Gerstar Mo is especially suited for packaging used to protect dry foods such as biscuits, semolina, cereals, pasta, dehydrated desserts, crisp breads, …

*MOSH-MOAH: Mineral Oil Saturated Hydrocarbons - Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbons. Mineral oil barrier above 95% for the test conditions applied during the migration test performed by the Centre Technique du Papier in France

Developing lighter paper grades to increase yields and reduce environmental footprints.
Imagine fiber.

Lighter papers

We have made advances in sustainability with the development of lighter paper grades. For instance, our AderpackTM 35 gsm is the lowest basis weight baking paper on the market.

It enables home cooks to bake hygienically while minimizing the mess. It offers a better yield and ensures a non-significant impact on paper performance during end usage.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s eco-friendly baking solutions range from the 35 gsm, two-sided, siliconed lightweight Aderpack to the Genuine Vegetable Parchment or NatureMold baking molds.

Ahlstrom and Munksjö joined forces in 2017. Together we can drive innovation and develop an ever wider range of paper solutions to make your business more efficient and more sustainable.