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Integration of HBM Digital Load Cells into a Stick Pack Machine Guarantees Precision in Sachet Filling

INVpack, a company that is a part of the Inever Group, designs and manufactures the widest range of multilane vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) packaging machines for stick packs and sachets at its facilities in Argentona, Barcelona (Spain), for food, pharma, cosmetics, nutraceutical, and dairy sectors. Collaboration with a client means that every machine must provide a tailor-made solution that meets all their needs.

At CANPACK, we are convinced that exceptional products deserve exceptional packaging. In the spirit of the saying "differentiate or die", manufacturers and brands cannot afford mediocre product packaging. This is why, in order to create and maintain long-term consumer awareness, it is crucial to look for packaging ideas that will allow products to shine on the crowded store shelves.

In a constantly evolving market, INVpack combines experience and innovation to tackle challenges and optimize filling using the best possible configurations. An example of its latest personalized developments is a 10-lane stick pack machine for an American manufacturer of dietary supplements.

This machine includes ten HBM FIT7A digital load cells (one per lane) that enable the weight control to be integrated into the machinery itself and operate at an established speed. As Manuel Martínez, Production Manager of INVpack pointed out, “The better the product placing and removal process, the more accurate the filling, which therefore makes for a better product.”

Installed inside the machine

FIT7A cells control the weight of each sachet immediately after filling and, if there is an error in the expected value, then the sachet is discarded, thereby saving on materials and wrapping.

Other systems group together several packages or sachets and weigh them outside the machine using a scale. In the case of an emergency, since these intermediate sachets have already been made, there is no other alternative but to discard them along with economic losses that they entail.

On the other hand, FIT7A 3 kg load cells with CANopen interface guarantee the liquid or solid dispenser and the whole machine work according to the specifications and minimize the rate of discards and wastage via the filling feedback control.

Manuel Martínez adds, “The HBM products also provide a simple integration and implementation of intelligence in the machines, competitive prices and outstanding technical support, which is exactly what our clients demand from us.”

Counting and grouping twin sachets

Parametrization and analysis software

If all this was not enough, FIT7A units include the free PanelX software that simplifies parametrization and analytical tasks. For example, it can graphically analyse the weighing time available per filling cycle to make maximum use of the weighing process.

This new machine for the dietary supplement manufacturer also benefits from INV-Care technology, protecting the product and facilitating integration of end-of-line and pick and place processes.

Similarly, the INV-Easy design houses benefits of cleaning and maintenance.

Future collaboration

For the reasons given above, INVpack and HBM are planning on collaborating to offer complete projects that adapt to the specific requirements of each client. FIT7A cells are not the only products added to the Inever Group company’s machines. The models FIT5A and PW6D+PAD along with other solutions perform precisely and efficiently in a wide range of packaging and vertical fill machines.

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Compliance with the strictest requirements

The state-of-the-art HBM load cells, with a C4 accuracy class as per OIML R60, offer many other features that comply with the exact requirements in the food and pharma sectors, such as construction in steel, IP66 protection up to the connector, and advanced filters to reduce mechanical and electrical interferences.

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