Latest update: 18 August

V-shaped economic recovery is expected in most G20 nations in 2021 as vaccinations are rolled out and restrictions are eased.

All nations, developed and emerging alike, are set to see economic growth in 2021, but the speed of recovery will vary across regions.


Overall global debt rose to US$281tn in 2020 to finance pandemic-driven expenses.


One third of Germany's €130bn stimulus plan is allocated to green recovery.

Increased use of tech in the service sector is driving growth in major economies

During the pandemic, most major economies adopted the 'new normal' work culture driving an increased use of tech, boosting the service sector. Recovery in the industry sector remains uncertain due to the reimposition of lockdowns and vaccination delays in some countries.


Latest update: 3 September

The rise of the e-commerce channel is significantly impacting the packaging industry, and suppliers are optimising packaging to be more robust in order to meet manufacturer requirements.

Digital tools continue to be used to achieve safety and efficiency. Packaging companies also recognise the continued importance of investing in sustainable supply chain operations.

Packaging sub-sector impact