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Issue 59 • July 2021

Welcome to our 59th edition of Inside Packaging.

When it comes to sustainable packaging, a clear emerging trend is the reusable or refillable packaging concept, which has seen growing momentum following the success of projects such as Loop. However, this concept also works with in-store dispenser stations.

I remember talking to my mother a few months ago about the rise of refill/dispenser stations. She informed me that she would regularly visit The Body Shop in Brighton in the 1970s, where the shop was full of refill and dispenser stations.

Lo and behold, roughly half a century later and we're seeing the idea spread. In our cover story this issue, we take a look at the dispenser options recently trialled across several UK supermarkets, and the early success they've seen. I'm unsure if The Body Shop has continuously held its refill policy since 1973, but it certainly does have one now. It's funny how these things have come full circle.

As well as this, we look at some new packaging concepts that have recently emerged. Firstly, we find out about London-startup Blakbear's sensor technology, which aims to use packaging to tackle food waste. We also speak to Unilever about its newly announced paper bottle concept to find out how it can challenge plastic.

Elsewhere, we look at the efforts being made to make toothpaste packaging more sustainable, what the beauty and cosmetics industries need to do to reduce plastic and deliver on eco promises, as well as finding out the benefits of third party packaging solutions.

For all of this, and much more, read on.

Peter Nilson, editor