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Sustainability and Ecological Awareness

Committed to Nature and Environment.

Mid-range One-Step Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine – ASB-70DPH


was to design a 4-station, one-step injection stretch blow molding system where the raw material is converted into the final container within the same machine, a significantly different approach to two-step systems that require two separate machines plus additional handling and support equipment.

Our Shared Responsibility

Environmental Protection

By sustainability we mean the long-term harmony between ecology, economy and social responsibility. One of our main concerns is to be responsible with our resources and our environment that future generations can also benefit from them. We are therefore constantly working to produce our die-cutting machines and innovations with the lowest possible use of resources and the highest possible recyclability. Sustainable production is becoming increasingly important.

Energy Management

We are committed to ensuring that our customers are economically successful and at the same time able to produce in an environmentally friendly manner. With our die-cutting systems, we reduce scrap, waste, energy consumption and emissions to a minimum. For each application, we look for the die-cutting solution that requires the least packaging material and achieves the best possible material utilisation. Environmental protection is an integral part of BERHALTER Swiss Die-Cutting's corporate policy.


The product to be die-cut should be produced optimally and efficiently. Therefore, our die-cutting systems are consistently designed in such a way that waste and scrap are reduced as much as possible. With our material-saving tool arrangements, you can also reduce additionally the die-cutting waste significantly. Our die-cutting machines and innovations are extremely reliable, durable and low-maintenance. This means less service and maintenance work and a long-term investment that pays off - for the environment, too.

BERHALTER CO2 Certificate

We are committed to sustainable climate protection from conviction. By participating in the programme of the Energy Agency of the Economy, BERHALTER is committed to actively reducing CO2 emissions and optimising energy efficiency. The target agreement is recognised by the confederation, the cantons and partners. Compliance with environmentally relevant laws is a matter of course for BERHALTER Swiss Die-Cutting. The possibilities and their effects are individual and diverse, so let us jointly minimise CO2 emissions.


We work closely with the material manufacturers to further develop the die-cutting substrate and increase the proportion of recycled raw material. Industrially compostable materials are increasingly making inroads into the packaging market. Our die-cutting machines and innovations are designed for this purpose, are extremely efficient in their implementation and require up to 50% less energy. This is reflected in production with significantly lower energy consumption and ensures a sustainable reduction in energy costs.

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