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Issue 56 • January 2021

Welcome to our 56th edition of Inside Packaging.

In this issue, we look ahead to the coming year, as we learn about the key themes to expect in the packaging industry not just over the next 12 months, but also more long-term.

The recent rise of near field communications (NFC) has, in the main, been centred on mobile payments – think Apple Pay or Google Pay. However, there are also some interesting applications for this technology in the world of packaging. We find out why an increasing number of companies are turning towards NFC in response to the increased awareness of safety in response to the pandemic. 

Another trend we've seen across the packaging sector is the rise of personal and premium packaging. We look at how, and why, companies are placing importance on giving home-bound consumers that 'feel-good factor'.

As well as this, we also highlight some of the key themes to expect in packaging. Sustainability is, as you'd expect, still high on the agenda. Moreover, we should see more companies shift to agile, cloud-based systems – partly adapting to the work-from-home model, but mainly as part of a longer-term transition that we've witnessed in the sector.

Lastly, we learn about the new deposit return scheme (DRS) pilot in Scotland, as we find out if the UK can finally catch up with the many countries in mainland Europe, where DRS is a part of everyday life.

For this, and more, read on.

Peter Nilson, editor