When packaging matters

We are specialized in all UN-certified fibreboard boxes for the transport of dangerous goods. With our knowledge, we can solve all your packaging problems.

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We have a wide range of standard 4GV tested boxes in stock that are available immediately. Alongside standard size 4GV boxes, we offer customised hazardous goods packaging, tested at the Belgian Packaging Institute.

Additional products such as tape, danger labels and different kinds of absorbing materials are offered as well.

Dangerous goods —
no problem for our packaging

New e-commerce boxes for dangerous goods
Suitable for a variety of dangerous goods

  • UN-certified
  • Extra strong material
  • Double self-sealing closure for professional shipping and return using one box
  • Special Z-Flute on the cover for higher stability and safety protection
  • Quick folding thanks to the automatic base
  • Integrated tear-open strip for quick and easy opening