In this issue, which marks my first digital edition as editor, Inside Packaging explores how packaging companies and indeed governments are improving sustainability across the supply chain.  

Packaging is without doubt a vital part of consumers’ everyday lives, however the success or failure of a box, carton or wrapper in 2022 goes beyond how it protects the product within. Consumers care about the material’s credentials, the amount of energy required throughout the supply chain process and whether it can ultimately be reused as part of a circular loop or at least decompose naturally within the earth.  

Over the following pages, we will uncover both consumer and packaging professionals’ attitudes towards ‘good plastics’ versus alternative packaging materials as well as how innovative letterbox packaging is easing concerns over the carbon cost of home delivery. Plus, we reveal whether the UK Government’s recent plastic packaging tax can really improve sustainability within the sector.  

We also ask the experts to share their opinions on how the big laundry sector can become more eco-friendly, the innovations helping to reduce food waste and how reCommerce is reshaping Gen Z’s attitudes towards packaging and sustainability. 

Finally, we uncover the five packaging myths that are continuing to hold the sector back.  

We hope you enjoy the issue, and we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas for upcoming editions – simply send an email direct to

Laura Husband, editor