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Issue 61 • November 2021

Welcome to this issue of Inside Packaging - the last of 2021!

Writing this against a backdrop of the COP26 Climate Change conference - where, as we went to print, talking is (again) trumping action - it’s impossible not to grasp the consumer demand for action.

Whilst the breadth of sustainability efforts across the packaging industry offers some reassurance, we remain in ‘pin prick on an elephant’s ass’ territory. Everyone’s doing something to improve their environmental credentials, but what’s being done at scale?

Consumers are crystal clear in their view: It’s time to pick a horse and back it.

In this, our last of 2021, issue of Inside Packaging, we hear about the potential of seaweed to save us all. We also take a look at how multi-packs can move from plastic wrapping to cardboard - and quickly - while juice and smoothie maker Innocent, long a trailblazer on the sustainability front, offers a valuable case study in how to be more green.

We’ll be back in January with a preview of 2022 and a look at how your horse is doing. Until then, thanks for all your support this year and enjoy the issue!

Olly Wehring, editor