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FASA equipment is manufactured with love and patience, will serve you for long time

FASA manufactures high quality dosing and packaging equipment for dairy products. With more than 60 years in dairy industry, the company has gained huge experience in the packaging sector. FASA is well known worldwide in the dairy industry. Dairies from more than 75 countries trust the company FASA.

FASA has many years of experience in dairy sector

Since 1959 FASA has accumulated huge experience in packaging field and is well known in dairy industry all over the world. At the beginning of the company there was a mass production of equipment for food industry. The situation in the market has changed within 60 years. That is why currently equipment is produced for each customer needs. FASA’s packaging equipment is designed for butter, margarine, processed cheese, curd, ice-cream in waffle sandwich, sour cream, yogurt. During the 60 years the company gained trust and respect of our customers. FASA also serves well-known dairy groups such as “Lactalis”, “Nestle”, “Puratos”, “Friesland Campina”, “Bel”, “Savencia”, “Danone”, “Arla”, “Dina Foods”. etc.

FASA is flexible and always looks for the best option for customers

Satisfaction of customers’ needs is the priority. We produce modern machinery and regularly modify it so that the manufactured packaging equipment complies with customers’ wishes and expectations. Our team communicates with customers, listens to their needs, and tries to make the best offer and solution. Our mission is to create relations with our customers and introduce reliable, high quality and innovative dairy packaging equipment according to the needs of each customer. Day after day we improve, change, try to be modern, listen to the needs and observations of the customers.

FASA is flexible and always looks for the best option for customers

FASA offers high quality 24/7 service, manufactures spare parts and repairs equipment

Good Customer Service is a key to happy and loyal customers. We are always ready to provide the customer with possible solutions to their issues, advise and offer our service whenever needed. All FASAs’ equipment is tested with a product in the factory. Our technical team installs and commissions the equipment at the customer’s place and trains client’s personnel. Our technical team takes care of and serves the equipment we sell. We provide warranty, consult, and supply spare parts.

Direct contact with customer is extremely important to keep customer happy and tackle any questions which might arise. This has become even more challenging during the Covid-19 pandemic – when travelling around the world is highly restricted, smooth, and quick communication with the customer became more important for installing and commissioning machines, training personnel, and troubleshooting remotely.

FASA offers high quality 24/7 service, manufactures spare parts and repairs equipment.

FASA team is professional, loyal and have many years of experience

We want our customers to feel welcome in our company and to trust us. Therefore, FASA managers and engineers create friendly relationships with present and future customers. FASA team is always ready to advise and help to our customers. Our sales managers constantly visit customers dairies and meet them in exhibitions, what keep us close with customers. During the Covid-19 pandemic while traveling is very limited, we are meeting our customers on-line.

Otherwise, our local distributors are always ready to help present and future customers in any case. FASA appreciates the cooperation with more than 30 distributors worldwide that helps us to communicate in client’s native language, to solve extra technical issues and be closer to our customers. We are proud of our loyal and responsible FASA team and of our dear customers.

FASA team is professional, loyal and have many years of experience

FASA knows all metal processing technologies

The modern machineries and tools are used in production. Our equipment is fully manufactured at FASA - from metal cutting, processing to assembly. We have all metal processing facilities from mechanical processing - laser cutting, water cutting, wire cutting, turning, milling, boring, bending, rolling, polishing, welding, surface treatment, powder or wet dyeing, galvanic processing, thermal treatment - to the final product assembling and testing. Properly regulated processes and qualified employees determine the quality of equipment being manufactured.

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