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Meaning of the colour Green

Green is a symbol for newly growing hope, satisfaction and longing for life in a difficult social and political sphere. Greenery symbolises growing desire for rejuvenation, new life, reunion with the nature and closer cooperation. Green is the most compensatory and most reassuring colour. With that it is an important remedial colour. The colour Green stands for earthly growth as well as the structural-giving and substance-giving forces of the nature.

Green calls as signal colour the normal, unproblematic, positives or legitimate. Green is used to mark processes which work perfect and are permitted. Thus stands ‘to give green light‘ in general for the release of a process, as for example in the traffic light. With a green wave several traffic lights of a street are switched on green to pass easily.

On the measuring scale of announcement instruments there is often the green area, which marks the proper functionality. On technical devices a green light-emitting diode mostly signals the ongoing operation and a red light the shutdown. Also with operating keys, for example, on the mobile phone, the colour green has asserted itself for a anything in process.

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Etimark – freshly packaged

Change is a source of joy! We were in the mood for something new for the company anniversary in 2018. We aren't changing our content, but our packaging. With its fresh colours and sweeping S curves symbolising the name Schulz and the company's family tradition, the new logo shows that Etimark is keeping up with the times. Adapting to the developments of the market, driving forward, continuing to grow. Young, modern, active.

Etimark stands for reliability and trust: values that both the management and our 60 employees live up to. They have enabled Etimark to grow on the market for four decades. From label printer to packaging printer. From a company operating in Switzerland to one with international orders. Our values, as well as our technology and expertise, are appreciated by our business partners and customers. This is not going to change. The colour green stands for well-organised operations, for progress. It stands for being positive, unproblematic, correct. Just like Etimark – that's something you can count on.

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