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Issue 62 • January 2022

Welcome to 2022 and the latest issue of Inside Packaging.

For packaging providers, the year kicks off much as 2021 ended, with ESG as a seismic force. We kick off 2022 with a consideration of the role ‘environmental, social & governance’ is playing in brand owners’ minds when selecting their packaging partners. ‘Know your enemy’ might be a strong way of putting it, but ‘know your customer’ is as good a place as any to start your engagement!

A sobering consumer survey gets the Inside Packaging treatment this issue, serving to remind us that there’s a big old world outside of our industry and the battle to hear the voices outside of the trade never ends. The survey highlights the perceived lack of clarity around packaging: No matter how much we’re all doing in this area, we can clearly do more.

A deeper dive into the compost heap also suggests what could be a valuable addition to your packaging arsenal. One thing’s for certain: Consumers understand what ‘compostable’ means.

Enough with the war analogies - Enjoy the issue!

Olly Wehring, editor