Latest update: 3 December

The Organization for Economic Co-operation & Development (OECD) is concerned that the spread of the new Omicron variant will exacerbate existing supply & demand imbalances

With a rising fourth wave, many European countries have already imposed new lockdowns and other restrictions in order to limit infections and the impact on hospitals


In a November survey of 1,102 employees, 75% agreed that ‘no commute’ is a key benefit of working remotely, while 68% enjoy the flexibility of working hours


Another survey in November, this time with 3,389 responses, found that almost 45% of employees have experienced a 'significant' or 'slight' increase in their productivity when working from home

A V-shaped recovery is expected in most G20 markets this year, while the G7 economies will see their bounceback rates vary as 2021 draws to a close


Latest update: 3 December

Advice for the short term: Diversify or revise supply chain arrangements to add resilience

Advice for the longer term: Accelerate technology adoption to enhance the safety and efficiency of supply chains

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