How to generate cost-savings for potential re-investments into packaging innovation for circularity?

We bring you competitive advantage even beyond inks

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we help you to drive packaging innovation

As a leading provider of packaging inks & varnishes, we help converters & brand owners drive performance gains, cost savings and innovation through re-design of material structures with combinations of inks and finishes.

"We are experts in understanding the relationship between printing and packaging production to identify potential areas for improvement and unlock the full potential for sustained value creation.” 

- Belal Habib, Head of Global Brand Owner Collaboration at Siegwerk

We offer safe and sustainable ink and varnish solutions to differentiate with functionality & efficiency while supporting you in mastering your specific complexity in regard to:

  • Packaging types for various end-use segments (bags, pouches, lidding for dairy, snacks, confectionary, pet food, etc.)
  • Pre-press & print process efficiency (optimized workflow, short run printing, reliable lamination result, etc.)
  • Packaging process optimization (ensuring reliable performance regarding slip properties, filling, sealing, scuff resistance, etc.)
  • POS appearance (attracting consumers and ensuring brand recognition with perfect artwork reproduction, color strength and consistency, optical and tactile effects, etc.)
  • Customer experience (optimized shelf life solutions & convenience optimized solutions like microwaveable packaging, easy opening solutions, etc.)

In collaboration with you, we analyze your portfolio and the underlying value chain to identify improvement potential and point out concrete realization possibilities. 

In several packaging projects across the value chain we have already helped to improve customers’ efficiency and capacity utilization adding significant value and freeing up latent potential generating cost savings.

A collaboration with added value

Siegwerk’s offering:

  • Global Technology Expert network accumulating knowledge on packaging applications, printing technology & sustainability
  • Proven expertise on packaging circularity to ensure recyclability, reusability & compostability of packaging to make your sustainability pledges become reality
  • Collaboration in development projects to overcome packaging challenges within a fast development process leading to safe & sustainable packaging designs
  • Ink trainings, innovation workshops, know how exchange to keep you up to date with todays & future possibilities of inks & varnishes for efficient, functional, & sustainable packaging

Your Benefits:

  • Tailor-made insights on packaging optimization opportunities via inks & varnishes
  • Functionality & efficiency advantages for your packaging portfolio
  • Quicker time to market of packaging innovations

No matter whether you are looking for performance optimization, higher safety standards or more sustainability for your packaging solutions, Siegwerk can support you to unlock your full potential for sustained value creation.

Benefit from Siegwerk’s packaging competence & analytical capability always considering all requirements of packaging structures, printing and processes.

Compare your performance with the industry and gain competitive advantage by differentiating your packaging from the market.

We bring you competitive advantage even beyond inks:

  • We support you with maximum product safety
  • We help you to create sustainable packaging solutions optimized for a Circular Economy
  • We guide you to safe & efficient performance
  • We support you to exploit your full profit potential

SIEGWERK – your partner to exploit your full performance & profit potential

With more than 185 years of experience, Siegwerk is a globally leading provider of printing inks for packaging applications and labels today. The company’s expertise ranges from flexible and liquid food packaging through tobacco as well as paper & board applications to narrow web, sheetfed and digital printing.

With a combination of best ink performance, highest product safety and comprehensive guidance & support, Siegwerk offers a full-range portfolio for best packaging solutions always considering the individual requirements – including both printing processes as well as end-application purpose of the packaging. Based on its wide printing expertise and packaging competence Siegwerk offers comprehensive technical support, diverse consulting services and trainings and can help to optimize the Total Cost of Ownership.

With its Brand Owner Collaboration approach the company builds a cross-application contact point especially for brand owner requests creating an integrated relationship with both converters and brand owners to generate incremental business value for all parties.

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