VACrenew: the vacuum bag made from renewable resources

The innovative packaging solution from allfo focuses on sugar cane and rapeseed

Environmentally conscious freshness: allfo has developed a very special vacuum bag called VACrenew.This is because the VACrenew is manufactured largely without petroleum - instead made out of the power of the field, sugar cane and rape. The new sealed-edge pouch made from renewable raw materials has the usual high barrier properties, keeping food fresh and appetizing at the highest level. With the VACrenew, allfo is offering a new packaging solution for sustainably operating companies in the food and packaging industry and is acting entirely in the interests of environmentally conscious consumers.

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Shelf life from renewable raw materials - ideal for organic food

"With the VACrenew, we are making consistent progress in terms of sustainability and, after the fully recyclable VAC 95+ vacuum bag, we are now launching a bag version on the market for the first time that is largely made from renewable raw materials," explains Harald Gessinger, Sales Manager at allfo. For the environmentally conscious packaging solution VACrenew, allfo uses 67 percent of the material mix without petroleum and instead relies on the renewable raw materials sugar cane and rapeseed. "Especially for manufacturers and retailers of organic food, our new VACrenew is the perfect protection for their ecologically produced products", Gessinger continues.

The new vacuum bag made of renewable raw materials is in no way inferior to the classic bags made of polyethylene (PE) and polyamide (PA) in terms of its high barrier properties. Its high-performance and stable barrier layer effectively keeps moisture, dirt and oxygen away from the food or other sensitive products. Due to its very good sealability the VACrenew can be used on all common vacuum chamber machines.

Completely recyclable: the VAC 95+

The allfo range includes Germany's first fully recyclable vacuum bag VAC 95+. It consists of over 95 percent polypropylene (PP) and a thin high barrier. In contrast to PE and PA, PP is known to be recyclable without leaving any residues. The innovative PP bags with thin high barrier can be identified, sorted out and then processed into high-purity recyclates in modern sorting plants. For its environmentally friendly properties, the VAC 95+ has been awarded the EU-wide certification of the institute cyclos-HTP as an excellent product in the category "recyclability class AAA".

allfo: European market leader with high standards

"As the European market leader, it is our claim that we support our customers in current challenges and offer them suitable solutions for every requirement. We achieve this, on the one hand, through our extensive range of vacuum bags and, on the other hand, through our spirit of innovation, as we have demonstrated with our current new products. Especially food manufacturers and the packaging industry are under pressure due to the European recycling quota. It goes without saying that we are one of the first suppliers to offer them environmentally friendly alternatives with potential for the future," Gessinger explains.

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Wide range for all packaging tasks:

The range of the vacuum bag specialist also includes cooking bags for convenience food for use at temperatures of maximum -25 to 121 C. They are also suitable for innovative sous-vide cooking in the catering industry. Stand-up pouches are particularly versatile and are also available from allfo as paper or paper look versions. Their high barrier properties not only protect the aroma of food, but also provide effective protection against light. For smaller businesses such as restaurants or butchers' shops, allfo offers structure bags that are suitable for smaller vacuum devices without chambers - ideal for private households as well. On many bags of allfo’s portfolio, advertising messages and product information can be easily printed on.

About allfo:

allfo Vakuumverpackungen is the European market leader for high-quality vacuum bags. The extensive product range extends from sealed-edge, shrink and tubular bags to boil-in-the-bag and stand-up pouches and multi-layer bags, available in various sizes and film thicknesses. Flexible and fast production guarantees short delivery times and maximum supply security for customers. Top quality at fair prices is the customer-oriented philosophy of the company. In addition to the food sector, allfo vacuum packaging is also ideal for non-food applications such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals and the packaging of technical products. allfo supplies an extensive range of printed and unprinted vacuum bags.

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Lisa Schraut – Marketing


Lisa Schraut – Marketing