In this issue, we look at some of the latest regulations surrounding the packaging sector, gauging the response to the proposed US Plastic Waste Reduction and Recycling Act. We also hear from responses from those in the recycling sector to the new EU plastic waste charge.

With consumer habits changing in in light of the Covid-19 lockdowns, we find out what companies need to keep in mind for packaging in a post-pandemic world.

The choice of inks used in printing can have unexpected environmental impacts. We look at what current eco-friendly ink options are available to packaging companies.

Although many gamers are now purchasing content through online stores as direct downloads, there is still a considerable market for physical copies of games. We speak to iam8bit about the company's latest eco-focused packaging.

Lastly, Nanotechnology is a wonderfully sci-fi notion to most of us, but we're already seeing applications in some food and drinks packaging. We learn what the possibilities are and what new developments we can expect in the future.

Peter Nilson, editor

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