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The mark of success

Die-cutting is a piece in the complete supply chain of a final product. But nor the less it decides significantly about success. What die-cutting solution you choose decides about appearance of the product, sustainability, quality as well as efficiency. 

BERHALTER® is a strong partner for customer-specific die-cutting solutions according to the motto: "simply knowing how it works".

Food trays and baking molds made from Genuine Vegetable parchment are biodegradable and home compostable.

BERHALTER Swiss Die-Cutting Machine

BERHALTER die-cutting systems are the most high-performance solution for efficient and accurate punching of foils and films from rolls. Across the world, BERHALTER die-cutting machines are at the start of numerous packaging solutions, fulfilling all customer requirements.

We have the unique possibility to supply die-cutting machines and tools according to the specific market demand. 

High-precision punching tools

The range of application for BERHALTER die-cutting systems knows no bounds – systems that allow both intricate label geometries as well as a wide range of  different materials to be optimally processed and punched to perfection.

Where you find BERHALTER

Whenever you hold a yoghurt lid or a deep-drawn pet food lid in your hands, you are most likely holding a BERHALTER® end-product, produced on a highly efficient BERHALTER® die-cutting press.

This applies for flat packaging lids out of aluminum or polyester, such as Nestlé yoghurt lids, as well as for packaging lids with relief impressions, like Philadelphia lids for cheese spread. Deep-drawn aluminum lids as those used for pet food like Sheba or Cesar enhances the extensive range of product opportunities.

Additionally, BERHALTER® die-cutting solutions can be used to produce paper labels, e.g. on beer bottles and labels for IML applications, such as those on Starbucks coffee cups.

Setting Standards with New Solutions

BERHALTER is Swiss and stands for the highest level of quality. With inspiration, passion and fascination, we create top-class quality products. Nothing is more convincing than one’s own experience. 

BERHALTER high-tech on a low budget

  • favourable tool cost
  • short lead times
  • flexible design
  • long life-time
  • cut & stack solution

now available for lids

approved for IML

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