The most sophisticated system for UV flexo printing

Inspired by your needs

Whether you are producing labels, shrink sleeves, pouches or adhesive rolls, UV flexo printing has become an extremely popular and successful technology when it comes to fast, sophisticated printing. At hubergroup, we have many years of experience in energy curing flexo printing and invested a lot of time in understanding the current needs of UV flexo printers. Guided by this knowledge, we designed our state-of-the-art iray series.

Sophisticated, safe & conspicuous

How can we make your work easier? During the development of iray, we gave a lot of thought to this question. The result is a complete set of products for UV flexo printing from inks and varnishes to primers and adhesives. The series covers a wide range of substrates for a wide variety of food and non-food applications. All products are perfectly matched to each other so that we can assure you a smooth production workflow and excellent printing results.

We are experts in packaging printing and pioneered low migration ink series for food packaging. This has resulted in our MGA brand, which stands for extremely low migration and odor values. Building on this know-how, we carefully selected the raw materials for the iray series to provide you with the highest safety standards.

Last but not least, the high color strength, excellent scratch resistance and fast printability make our iray inks and varnishes the ideal choice for printing intricate designs – ensuring that your printed products stand out at the point of sale.