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Worldwide support for your energy curing systems

RAHN is a premier worldwide supplier of additives, oligomers, monomers, photoinitiators and other customized specialty chemicals. Our products are used in ultraviolet and electron beam cure technologies and are essential components of high performance inks, coatings, adhesives, medical, rapid prototyping and other applications.

At CANPACK, we are convinced that exceptional products deserve exceptional packaging. In the spirit of the saying "differentiate or die", manufacturers and brands cannot afford mediocre product packaging. This is why, in order to create and maintain long-term consumer awareness, it is crucial to look for packaging ideas that will allow products to shine on the crowded store shelves.

Our philosophy

The company’s philosophy is based on a high level of customer support with cutting edge technical data combined with up-to-date health, safety and regulatory information. With laboratories in Switzerland, China and the USA, RAHN has the ability to provide local customized solutions and expertise in various application fields.


In the product development and product application areas RAHN supports its clients with more than 30 years of experience in radiation curing. Specializing in UV and electron beam technology, our Energy Curing experts have an international remit. We want to be more than a supplier for our customers. Our goal is to be a reliable partner to help drive their business forward and generate measurable benefits.

RAHN’s key offerings are

  • Full range of specialized UV/EB curable products
  • Consistent product quality available worldwide
  • High quality and high purity products
  • Customer focused product development
  • Technical consulting and support
  • Specialized application laboratories
  • Health & safety and logistics support
  • Worldwide network of partnerships
  • Industry expertise, dedicated to energy curing
  • First class customer service


Be inspired 

Our customers create amazing results with our raw materials for digital inkjet printing – no matter whether gloss, matte, or even 3D effects. What’s more, they can be used to print on almost any material. Whether, paper, glass, wood, plastic or metal, we have the right products to meet all sorts of needs and

technical requirements.

Eye-catching food packaging

Food packaging jostles for customers’ attention on supermarket shelves and in the aisles. Our specially developed products with their high molecular weight ensure that the inks contain no undesirable substances that might penetrate the packaging. This keeps the food safe and lets the advantages of radiation-curing ink systems shine out for all to see.

Shape-retaining work pieces created with 3D printing

Our customers not only use our products to create 3D effects, but also generate robust work pieces with their 3D printers. Our raw materials reduce shrinkage and ensure objects match our customers’ precise specifications.

Tap into our expertise

Would you like to know more? Our Product Flashes give details on specific products or applications whilst our Lab Reports contain the latest findings in our laboratories – e.g. for 3D printing, LED and digital or inkjet printing. You can find out more at

Use our laboratories

Would you like to work together with us to find out what works and to produce the optimum result for your project? Our laboratories are at your disposal – for training your staff as well, should you wish.


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