The Briefing on the Latest Packaging Developments

The trends and data you need to know about the industry

In numbers:


The number of Tesco stores that will now stock 'CanO Water' in a bid to offer customers the choice to avoid plastic water bottles.

Source: CanO Water


The number of plastic straws to be removed from Dell global facilities, per month in the U.S alone.

Source: Dell Inc.


The percentage of recyclable or reusable packaging Nestlé is aiming for by 2025.

Source: Nestlé UK & Ireland

Over 1.56 billion

The amount of aerosol cans filled in the UK in 2017.

Source: British Aerosol Manufacturers' Association


The percentage of consumers globally surveyed by GlobalData in Q3 2018 who claim they would buy more of specific types of products if they were “packaged without any plastic at all''.

Source: GlobalData


The number of attributes millennials look for in a package - how the package looks, how easy it is to hold and carry, how easy it is to drink from, whether it can be resealed and how environmentally-friendly it is.

Source: Tetra Pak


The percentage of plastic waste that is reduced in Bulldog’s new refillable product.

Source: Bulldog Skincare

"All in favour"

Widespread support

More than half of consumers in the UK and a third in the US are in favour of a tax on all plastic packaging on food products, new research has shown. The survey of 1,000 consumers, commissioned by specialist PR consultancy Ingredient Communications, also finds that many people are more likely to shop in supermarkets that offer fruit and vegetables without plastic packaging.

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