a_ clear strategy #future is driven by action

adapa’s strategy #future is driven by action is here as the result of a collaboration and shared understanding on Group and local-entity level, and it led us to where we are now: more tuned in and closer as a Group. This results in multiple benefits for our customers. We have pooled the long experience and know-how across the Group and built the optimal industrial setup thanks to having excellent teams at work. Our strategy is underpinned by substantial past and future investments, allocating about 50 million euros in capital expenditures, particularly in the areas of printing and extrusion. These investments are a sign of the mutual trust that we as a Group, together with our investors, are placing in our future.

At the heart of the strategic vision, which is fundamentally based on four pillars, is our commitment to revolutionising our approach to customer service in order to ensure "Our best for your goods". We are focused on achieving technical superiority in customer support.

The aim is to become the most important partner for all potential projects, regardless of whether they come from existing or potential customers, by being close to the customer. The R&D organisation is geared towards market needs and product focus areas - everything has been streamlined to achieve optimal delivery, shorter lead times and greater overall efficiency.

The consistent implementation of the various measures has helped us to create an effective structure characterised by a high degree of flexibility in order to optimally serve both medium-sized customers with small to medium print runs and selected major key accounts. The significant investments are proof of the commitment to provide flexible and efficient packaging solutions that enable our customers to succeed in today's dynamic market.

Another integral part of our overall strategic vision is a comprehensive, consistent focus on sustainability with clearly defined goals based on the four pillars of purpose, people, planet, and prosperity. One important measure here is the integration of Product Sustainability in the Research & Development department which is reporting directly to the CEO. 

In this way, we ensure that our product portfolio is optimally aligned with market needs and can respond even faster to current, changing demands. As a pioneer and driving force in the development of Design for Recycling solutions, we offer alternatives to conventional packaging, e.g. paper-based materials for the confectionery segment, which work closely with customers to drive the transition to circular models in the area of flexible packaging solutions. The declared aim is not only to achieve products that are designed for recycling, but also to reduce the environmental impact in terms of resource-saving, waste, etc.

a_ commitment to Design for Recycling 

What will the future landscape of packaging look like? Honestly, we don’t know. Nobody actually does. What is certain is that recycling will be involved and no matter if it is mechanical or chemical recycling, the base for it is packaging that is designed for recycling.

In preparation for this future, we have put the focus of our R&D activities on PP, PE and paper packaging solutions. 3 examples:

The PE shrink bag without cross-linking - VACUshrink(re) MEX 55

Shrink bags are quite a challenge when it comes to Design for Recycling: they need to protect valuable meat and cheese over longer periods of time and therefore need the perfect shrink behavior and barrier properties. With our PE-based VACUshrink(re) MEX 55 we have achieved a PET-, PA- and PvdC-free shrink bag that is made without crosslinking and has been certified as recyclable.

The PP flowpack to replace multi-material trays and flowpacks

Minced meat is best packed in PET/PE or PP trays and cheese flowpacks need PA to protect the product correctly? With our PP flowpacks this has changed. Using performant layers such as our in-house produced low S.I.T. CPP films we are able to create efficient PP-based designed for recycling solutions. What’s important is that over time we have enhanced their performance to run with up to 120 cycles a minute (depending on the machine type of course) to make them a true alternative to existing PET/PE or OPA/PE solutions. And by the way: Switching from a tray to a flowpack can save up to 70% of plastic!

Paper solutions based on CEPI certification

The paper recycling world is changing! While the consumer would love to see everything – from candy to fresh meat - packed in paper, the new regulations take the quality of the recycled materials into account, turning most coatings and waxes into no-gos. Having seen these changes coming quite early, we are orienting our R&D according to these new regulations. A first success is our PaperTwister(re) which is a drop-in solution replacing classical wax twist papers and performs at highest speeds of up to 2.300 pieces / minute.

As true packaging enthusiasts, we are always looking for new challenges to develop the world of flexible packaging further. Where are you on your journey? Are you looking for more efficiency on your packaging line? New D4R solutions? Trainings or competent technical support to make your production run smoother? Whatever it is, #teamadapa cannot wait to meet you.

If you would like to know more about us or have a topic to discuss, either message us through contact@adapa-group.com or head over to www.adapa-group.com to learn more about us!