Smart bottling and packaging plants.
SMI solutions for Industry 4.0

SMI S.p.A. is the leading business within the SMI Group. Founded in 1987, the company has established a global reputation and is a worldwide renowned provider of PET-bottling systems and packaging machines for the industry of food & beverage, housefold cleaning, personal hygiene, chemical and pharmaceutical products, committed to providing the most innovative and sustainable solutions either as single machines and complete lines.

With over 6,300 packaging machines installed worldwide, SMI has always distinguished itself on the market for the high level of technological innovation and operating flexibility of its range of machines and systems.
SMI offers one of the most comprehensive portfolio of primary, secondary and tertiary packaging machines and includes innovative stretch-blow moulders, integrated system of blowing-filling-capping, shrink-film packaging machines, wrap-around casepackers and palettising systems.

In the age of Industry 4.0 and IoT, each company require even more automated, versatile, interconnected and efficient bottling and packaging solutions, such as the complete plants designed and provided by SMI, which adopts Industry 4.0 principles to make factories “smart”.

With the launch of the ERGON technology SMI has inaugurated the “new age of packaging”, “the new age of bottling” and “the new age of smart manufacturing” and has been able to meet the market requirements by providing automated machines equipped with the latest technologies.

The “Smart Factory” conceived by SMI is characterised by the use of:

– latest generation production technology, such as the ERGON automated machines, which ensures flexible, ergonomic and fully automated packaging processes with close interaction and collaboration between machine and operator;

– computerised, integrated management and control system, that allow constant monitoring of the vital production parameters (even from a distance), continual line supervision and collection of a wide range of data statistics on plant functioning;

– production solutions that guarantee greater energy saving, greater efficiency and less resource waste.

– the most effective mix of advanced engineering, sustainable production processes and high-efficiency monitoring and supervising operations, with the aim to produce more, faster and better

Today, a bottling line is characterized by machines which interact, exchange information and gather data in order to convey products smoothly and precisely and to achieve a higher, more efficient and quicker process.

SMI provides innovative and versatile solutions for the handling of PET empty bottles, loose containers, packaged products and pallets inside food and beverage manufacturing plants.
SMI has developed the SWM Supervisor software as an automation and control solution for medium to high speed bottling lines. Based on an open and flexible modular enterprise web portal, SWM Supervisor fits every application field in order to meet all requirements concerning data collection and supervision. The aim is to identify the main downtime causes of a bottling and packaging line, improve the overall efficiency and shorten time for maintenance and changeover operations.

Environment-friendly solution that saves money

The role of producers of bottling and packaging technology as SMI is particularly important for the success of companies operating in the food & beverage, household cleaning, personal hygiene, chemical and pharmaceutical sector. Success which can be achieved only through an optimal combination of competitiveness, cost-effectiveness, efficiency and environment-friendliness of the manufacturing process.
The complete bottling and packaging lines supplied by SMI are equipped with cutting-edge technological solutions for energy saving and cost reduction.
SMI innovative technical solutions enable to dramatically cut the production costs of each bottle produced by the plant thanks to specific devices designed to save energy and streamline production cycles of every machine in the plant.

EBS K ERGON : the award-winning blow moulding machine

Since 1987 SMI has been developing cutting-edge projects and technologies, in order to offer turn-key bottling lines and flexible, ergonomic, efficient packaging machines.
The new EBS K ERGON stretch-blow moulder is one of the latest innovation developped by SMI: a compact, efficient, flexible, ergonomic machine, equipped with innovative technologies inspired to Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Available in 2,3 and 4-cavity models, it is the ideal solution for manufacturing PET containers in the output rate range from 1,000 to 9,000 bottles/hour and offers all the benefits of the rotary technology.

The machine was chosen by a panel of independent judges including senior business leaders, policy-makers and academics as the best in Italy in the category Awards for Innovation of the European Business Awards, Europe’s largest business contest, sponsored by RSM.

Thanks to the EBS K project SMI was named one of 11 National Winners from 189 businesses representing Italy for The European Business Awards, Europe’s largest business competition, sponsored by RSM.

SMI was chosen by a panel of independent judges including senior business leaders, politicians and academics as the best in Italy in the category "Awards for Innovation", and will now go on to represent Italy in this category in the final stage of the competition. The National Winners from each country will face further judging in their chosen category, and the final Category Winners will be announced at the European Business Awards Gala Final in Warsaw, Poland on 23rd May 2018.


SMI is driven by passion. Through passion and determination the company develops new machines that offer competitiveness, efficiency and service. SMI is not afraid of change or of new challenges and is continuing to innovate with the same enthusiasm as always, driven by undeniable values such as seriousness, respect for his customers and team-work.

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