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Viva In-Mold Labeled Tube made with PCR

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Established in 1973, family owned VIVA Healthcare is a leading in injection moulding company active on three continents in different domains. World leader in the manufacturing of multimedia packaging and supplier to world renowned players like SONY, Microsoft, Nintendo, Walt Disney , Warner brothers and many others Viva is now looking into other domains like Health and Beauty packaging. Besides the Headquarters in Hong Kong where all R&D and some production takes place, VIVA packaging has state of the art manufacturing facilities in Toronto ( for the Americas) and Warsaw, Poland for Europe.


A family owned business allows us to react in a swift manner to the ever changing industry we are working in. Agility is the key word when it comes to the entire supply chain and the development of new products or manufacturing capabilities. Internal product design teams, mould repair facilities and full vertical integration is VIVA’s DNA.

Sustainable plastics

While our land and oceans suffer with the ignorance of a world that has embraced the convenience of single-use plastics, consumers globally are demanding a shift to more responsible options that are kinder to our planet.

As a result, most global companies of consumer products have made public commitments to switch to more sustainable packaging solutions over the next few years. If you haven’t already planned to move to more sustainable packaging, you risk losing your consumer audience to greener options.

Fortunately, more sustainable packaging can be simple and affordable. Viva offers several accessible solutions that help support the circular plastic economy and improve your sustainability profile. 

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Viva tubes, closures and in-mold labels (IMLs) are all manufactured in-house, are mono-material polypropylene (PP) and are 100 % ready to be recycled. The material itself, takes less energy to produce and transport, and when coupled with Viva’s vertical integration, provides a savings of up to 35% on environmental impacts over industry comparable solutions. Our IML Tubes are designed for Recycling after use without having to separate caps or labels.

Viva also offers industry-leading content options for including post-consumer recycled material (PCR) – up to 100% in tubes and caps. While PCR is naturally greyish, the beauty of an in-mold label is state-of the art graphics with 360°, shoulder to crimp coverage, and concealment of any color limitations of PCR. That means you get distinctive shelf presence and a more compelling sustainability story.

New opportunities

PCR options are also available on Viva’s new developments such as PP deodorant sticks with IML, and PET thick wall jars and bottles. Learn more about Viva’s options at

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