Inside Packaging’s first issue of 2023 looks at the advancements being made in digital printing technologies to aid the wider packaging sector. With Interpack returning to Düsseldorf, Germany for the first time in six years this May, we uncover the latest news and updates from some of the digital printing companies appearing at the show.  

This year is also set to see major change in plastic beverage bottle closures as resource efficiency remains a hot topic and the countdown begins for the enforcement of the EU’s directive around attached bottle caps.  

We investigate how the beverage packaging industry is preparing for the EU’s plastic directive on tethered caps and how packaging companies are helping to ensure it becomes part of everyday life for EU-based consumers by 2024. 

If that wasn’t enough, Inside Packaging has used GlobalData’s Packaging Intelligence Centre data to uncover the top ten packaging companies to look out for in 2023 based on company activities during 2021 and 2022. 

We hope you enjoy our first issue of the year, and if you have any suggestions for upcoming editions, please let us know by emailing

Laura Husband, managing editor