Enjoy creative food packaging design

When it comes to food packaging design, you can now let your creativity run free with MGA CONTACT, our new inks series for direct food contact in sheet-fed offset printing, giving you more freedom with design and information on paper and cardboard packaging.

Why not make the most of the space available?

By drawing on our innovative spirit and carefully selecting trusted raw materials, we can now present to you MGA CONTACT, a new range of inks for sheet-fed offset printing. This will enable you, as a trademark owner or packaging designer, to safely print on the inside of your paper and cardboard packaging. With MGA CONTACT, you have twice as much space to display your messages and information on packaging for fruit, vegetables, or chocolates in a more attractive design. 

We have played it safe with the production of the MGA CONTACT  ink series, just as we always do: this means that we only use ingredients which have been authorised for direct contact with food in accordance with EU guidelines. What’s more, we produce this ink series in accordance with strict GMP/MGA rules, in a separate specially designed production facility. This means that a risk analysis is performed on every production process and the quality of every batch is analysed before distribution. 

Together with the right dispersion coating from the ACRYLAC DFC range, MGA CONTACT can come into direct contact with food, meaning that no further functional barriers are required. 

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